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Population: 28.1 million

Language: English (official); Asante; Ewe; Fante; Boron (Brong); Dagomba; Dangme; Dagarte (Dagaba); Kokomba; Akyem; Ga

Religion: 71.2% Christian; 17.6% Muslim; 5.2% traditional; 5.2% none; 0.8% other


Ghana is a small country (slightly smaller than Oregon) located in West Africa. It is bordered on the west by Côte d'Ivoire, the west and north by Burkina Faso, and the east by Togo. The population of 28.1 million represents eight major ethnic groups and more than ten languages, with English serving as the official and bridging language. Ghana is predominantly Christian (71.2%), although there is a significant Muslim minority (17.6%). In general, Ghanaians enjoy a high level of religious tolerance.

Basic education in Ghana is free and compulsory – and Ghana boasts one of the highest school enrollment rates in all of Africa. Male and female students alike will complete an average of 11.5 years of school. Approximately 16% of the college-age population is enrolled in college. Ghana has a 71.5% literacy rate for those 15 years of age and older.

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