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Population: 2.95 million

Population Below Poverty: 36%

Literacy Rate: 98%

Language: Mongol

Religion: 50% Tibetan Buddhists; 40% claim no religion; 6% Shamanist and Christian; 4% Muslim


Mongolia is about the size of Alaska and positioned between Russia and China. Approximately 90 percent of eligible students are enrolled in primary school and many will study general education or undergo vocational training for two additional years. After the Communist anti-religion campaign in the 1930s, many monasteries were closed. Freedom of religion now exists in Mongolia so many monasteries have reopened. Buddhism and traditional religion still claim the majority of the population, however, Christianity is growing in influence.

Young Life in Mongolia has 13 national staff and 80 volunteer leaders. More than 1,200 kids attend a Young Life club each week.

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