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Population: 6 million

Literacy Rate: 41%

Language: English (official), Krio, Temne, Mende

Religion: Muslim 60%, Christian 10%, indigenous beliefs 30%

Sierra Leone

As one of the world’s poorest nations, 70 percent of Sierra Leone’s youth are unemployed or underemployed. Along with this, 60 percent of the population lives below the national poverty line. After seeing more than two million people (a third of the population) killed or displaced due to a civil war from 1991-2002, this country was crippled and is continuing to try to achieve democracy. There are signs of successful transition with the new government in place and the economy improving — especially since this country is rich in minerals and diamonds.

In this country, 10 percent of the population is Christian, and 60 percent are Muslim. Young Life in Sierra Leone consists of clubs in five schools and 24 leaders. An average of 250 kids goes to club per week. This nation is tolerant of different religions, where people continue to hope for a better future.

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