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Population: 14.3 million

Language: French; Wolof; Pulaar; Jola; Mandinka

Religion: 95.4% Muslim; 4.2% Christian; 0.4% animist


Senegal is a small country (roughly the size of South Dakota) located on the west coast of Africa. In Senegal, education is free and required by law until the age of 16. However, the public school system is unequipped to handle the number of children of primary school age, so 27% are not enrolled (down from 42% in 2000). The literacy rate for the adult population (15 years and older) of Senegal is 56%, while the literacy rate for the youth population (15-24 years) is 70%.

Senegal is approximately 95% Muslim and has a small Christian population. Christianity in Senegal is found mainly in the Casamance area – the region south of The Gambia – and in the large cities (e.g., Dakar and Saint-Louis).

Young Life was first established in Senegal in 2009.

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