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Population: 6.9 million

Population Below Poverty: 32%

Literacy Rate: 94%

Language: Spanish and Guarani

Religion: 90% Roman Catholic


Paraguay is fairly close to the size of California and landlocked in the middle of South America. Dividing the country is Rio Paraguay (Paraguay River). Most children attend school but less than half finish primary school, and only one-third of that number will continue to secondary school. Only 1 percent of Paraguayans attend college. Most Paraguayans are Roman Catholic, though various Protestant and other Christian churches exist as well.

Young Life in Paraguay was only an idea in 2007, but since then there has been significant development and growth in its capital, Asuncion. There is one person on staff and 14 volunteer leaders. Within the first year more than 35 kids were attending club regularly and 12 kids at small group Bible studies. This fall, the staff in Paraguay hope to start an additional club.

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