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Population: 15.5 million

Literacy Rate: 91.6%

Language: Spanish (official), indigenous (Quechua, Shuar)

Religion: Roman Catholic 95%, Other 5%


From the waters of the Pacific to the forests of the Amazon, this beautiful country is rich in resources and biodiversity. Unfortunately, extreme poverty and income inequality affects the many indigenous, mixed race, and rural populations. Almost 30 percent of Ecuador’s population lives below the poverty line, and almost an equal amount of the population suffer from chronic malnutrition. Children of this country struggle to receive an education; some areas have poor access to schools, where walking for hours to a class can be the only option. It is also thought that more than 300,000 children are working as laborers here.

In 2012, Ecuador’s Young Life (Vida Joven) areas began to be established, and support is continuing to build for the work being done there. Club is beginning there, and other leaders are being trained to be raised up and bring hope to this country.

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