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Population: 40.9 million

Population Below Poverty: 23.4%

Literacy Rate: 97.2%

Language: Spanish; Quechua

Religion: 85% Roman Catholic; 7% Protestant; 2% Jewish; 6% Other


As the eighth-largest country in the world, Argentina is full of diverse terrain with the Atlantic on the east and the Andes Mountains on the west. Education is provided until students are 14, and then entrance exams determine further study. For students from smaller campos (towns) a university education is a challenge to pay for. Approximately 85 percent of the population are members of the Roman Catholic Church, however, most are not actively involved. Argentina is a more secular country than other countries in Latin America.

Vida Joven (Young Life) has just begun in Argentina. There is a couple who has two established Vida Joven ministries in Corrientes. Approximately 45 kids attend club.

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