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City: Quezon City

Country: Philippines

University: University

Field of Study: Engineering and Computer Science

Major: Civil Engineering


Adrian is the fifth born of eighteen siblings. They live in Quezon City, one of the most populous cities in the Philippines, just outside of Manila the capital. He grew up in a small house in a very poor part of town but says his family was the happiest family in the neighborhood, explaining further, “It’s like a party at my house everyday”. He remembers having to walk to school on an empty stomach without money to buy food during snack breaks or materials for school projects. Despite the challenges of growing up poor, he learned to be determined and persevere and finish school no matter what obstacles were in his way.

Adrian first got involved with Young Life when he was invited to camp. The people he met made him feel special and part of an even larger family. He learned that Jesus loves you no matter how imperfect you are and that everyone deserves to be loved, accepted, and forgiven. He says of his experience as a volunteer leader for six years, “I’ve learned that leading and empowering young people and being with them in their ups and downs is a true privilege.”

Now as a Developing Global Leader, Adrian will pursue a degree in civil engineering. He chose this field of study because he desires to improve his community by providing quality shelter and building homes where everyone will feel warm, safe, and secure while sleeping at night. He will continue to share his time, money, and talents with the most needy in his country. Adrian will be the first in his family to graduate university.

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