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City: Manzini

Country: Eswatini

University: Regent Business School

Field of Study: Business and Economics

Major: Business Management


Simo lives in Manzini, Swaziland without a permanent residence, as he toggles back and forth between living with his mother or aunt. He has nine siblings, eight from his father, and one from his mother. His childhood was especially hard as some of his relatives were quite abusive. He came to know Jesus when his pastor at church shared the message of the cross. Truly touched by the message, he responded right then and there and dedicated his life to serving Christ. Thankfully, he has found much needed healing and forgiveness through his faith in God, counseling, and prayer.

As a Developing Global Leader, Simo is studying business administration with the goal of opening his own clothing store, with the desire to promote local business and create more jobs in his community. He is thankful for the opportunity DGL has offered him to improve his leadership skills and gain the necessary skills to enhance productivity, effectiveness, and business performance so he can contribute to Young Life’s ministry in Swaziland.

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