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City: Manzini

Country: Eswatini

University: Southern Africa Nazarene University

Field of Study: Theology and Christian Ministry

Major: Theology


Liyandza lives in the city of Manzini, Swaziland, in southern Africa, with his mother and two younger sisters. His father deserted the family in 2008, leaving Liyandza responsible for supporting the family at a young age. He grew up seeing his father frequently, but his father never acknowledged him. Disappointed and hurt, he has strived to be a better person and leader for his family and community. Through prayer and the support he received from his Young Life leaders, Liyandza says he has received peace in his spirit over his relationship with his dad. He now works as a Young Life leader himself, serving as a team leader supervising six clubs. His area director describes Liyandza as “a committed and diligent young man, full of promise and fun to be around. He does a tremendous job leading kids to Christ, helping them to grow in their faith.”

Now, as a Developing Global Leader, Liyandza is studying theology. He is most passionate about being a positive influence to young people, and desires to help children shine and develop into great leaders in order to positively impact his community. He will be the first in his family to graduate university.

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