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City: Groningen

Country: Netherlands

University: Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Field of Study: Social Science

Major: American Studies


Jenna is a DGL student at Rijksunviversiteit Groningen in the Netherlands and she is earning her degree in American Studies. Jenna says of her field of study, “I love seeing how the way a country is ruled affects the behavior of its people. The US is a prime example of how leadership can influence its people…and this research has made me want to better my own leadership skills.” Although Jenna is a full-time student with a part-time job, she devotes all of her free-time to Young Life. Three hours away from her closest Young Life connections, Jenna has successfully recruited her first YL College group, and is working to establish a club and Campaigners for her area. She also has plans for starting a Young Life Club in the city her parents live in three hours away. While Jenna dreams of joining YL Staff one day, she says, “I do not see myself leaving my college city behind until I have built a stable Young Life community that can thrive without me being there.”

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