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City: Bacolod City

Country: Philippines

University: VMA Global College

Field of Study: Business and Economics

Major: Hotel and Restaurant Management


Clenia's father left their home in the densely populated city of Bacolod City, Philippines to work abroad. Clenia used to speak with her father annually, but even that communication eventually ended and it became apparent that he had left the family. Clenia's older brother stands in the gap, supporting Clenia, her mother, and her sister, but his income doesn't extend to expenses beyond their necessities.

Clenia's brother brought her along with him to Young Life when she was in elementary school. She thought it was going to be a serious religious meeting, but was surprised by the fun and moved by the message. She's been involved in Young Life throughout high school and chose Jesus for herself at camp in 2014. Her goal now is to be a committed Young Life leader and share all she's learned. Clenia says she feels that God is beside her and has a lot for her to do.

Now a Developing Global Leader, Clenia is attending the VMA Global College to study hospitality management. She would like to work in the service industry and be able to help her family and kids who cannot afford to go to school.

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