Field of Study:Social Science

Major:Social Pedagogy and Psychology

Ministry Involvement: High School, Middle School Wyldlife


Growing up as an only child to a single mother, Alisa grew up not knowing her father, facing domestic violence and copying the destructive behavior pattern of her relatives. She recalls her early teenage years as a time when she thought her future was limited by not the best prospect.

As a teenager, she met Young Life, where she discovered true friendships, full happy families, and a sense of belonging and acceptance. There she met Christ personally and decided to follow Him, according to her, it was the best decision in her life. Despite the difficulties in life and the extremely negative attitude of her relatives, who forbade her to visit the church, she continued to serve in the Young Life team, visiting the boarding school where clubs for orphans were held. For many years, she actively served as a leader for teenagers, students and kids from boarding school, and later the head of one of the teams, not being afraid to take responsibility and discover something new. A few years ago, she was one of those who opened a new team in her town for younger teenagers, which is now flourishing and gathering many children to hear about Christ.

Alisa has a master's degree in the field of social work and pedagogy, which has helped her a lot in serving children from disadvantaged families and teenagers. Despite the fact that this is a unprestigious and undeveloped profession in her country, she studied with pleasure. She remembers how difficult it was to don’t know what to do after graduation, because since her teenage years she was passionate about the service of Young Life and literally devoted all her time to this mission. Therefore, it is a huge blessing and a dream come true to get a job in the organization that you love with all your heart, in addition to the fact that you also really know very well how this tool works in practice.

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