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Cindy Lyn

City: Bacolod City

Country: Philippines

University: Carlos Hilado Memorial State College

Field of Study: Education

Major: Education

Cindy Lyn

Cindy was born in Bacolod, Philippines. When her mother passed away shortly after Cindy’s first birthday, her father was left alone, attempting to care for Cindy and her older sister while also working to support the family. As time passed, her father remarried and their family of three became a family of six. Cindy’s father lost his government job at one point and money became tight; Cindy’s older sister couldn’t keep going to school and the family stopped eating three meals a day. Her father eventually found a new job as a security guard, which provided for the family’s basic needs. Despite all these difficulties, Cindy says she had a loving family and “an amazing childhood experience.”

With the encouragement of her stepmother, Cindy began attending church and eventually found herself attending Young Life as well. Now as a student in the Developing Global Leaders program, Cindy is pursuing a degree in education while continuing to serve as a Young Life leader. She says, “My plans after graduation are to be a teacher and to continue serving in the ministry. I want to introduce Jesus to kids and to help them feel how blessed they are. I want them to have peace in their hearts, minds, and soul.” Cindy will be the first person in her family to graduate from college.

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