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City: Cebu City

Country: Philippines

University: Cebu Institute of Technology

Field of Study: Engineering and Computer Science

Major: Chemical Engineering


Michael Lloyd (who usually goes just by Lloyd) knows how important family is. Losing his sister when he was eight years old and watching his mother move overseas when he was 11 left Lloyd with a desire to hold on tightly to those around him. “Growing up I saw my father selling different kinds of goods like fish, vegetables, and plastic wares just to provide for our basic needs. After my parents separated, my father had no work and so my brother and I moved from Manila to Cebu and lived with our aunt. After a year, my father decided to get my brother and me and stayed in Cebu City. He now has a small eatery near our house where we eat together every night.”

Lloyd went to Young Life camp in the summer of 2013. He says, “I was struck when our camp speaker asked about our purpose. At that time, I was just going with the flow. I did not know if I really had a purpose. As the camp speaker closed that time in prayer, I also prayed. I prayed for guidance. I asked Jesus to control my life and lead me to the purpose that he had for me.” That moment was a turning point for Lloyd, and he’s never looked back. He became a Young Life leader and had been leading for 3 years before he was selected to be a part of the Developing Global Leaders program.

Now as a DGL student, Lloyd is studying chemical engineering at the Cebu Institute of Technology and hopes to work in a water treatment facility where he can apply the knowledge he earned from his degree. He says he has always enjoyed math and physics, so engineering is enjoyable and challenging at the same time. He dreams of getting to help solve some of his country’s environmental issues while he continues to invest in the young people in his neighborhood. He says, “I want to inspire kids to be good leaders, just like my father and Young Life leaders have inspired me.”

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