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City: Pasay City

Country: Philippines

University: Technological University of the Philippines

Field of Study: Engineering and Computer Science

Major: Automotive Engineering


Ezekiel and his family live in Paranaque, a city located within the Manila metro area. His older brother was the one to introduce Ezekiel to Young Life several years ago, which made a significant impact on his life. Ezekiel explains, “I met Jesus Christ because of Young Life. It happened when my brother invited me and that is where it all started. Because of Young Life and my relationship with God, I became more responsible and helpful when it comes to my family.” Ezekiel eventually became a Young Life leader and is now leading club in his area, which has also helped Ezekiel develop his leadership skills. His recommender states, “Ezekiel is dependable and willing to learn. I believe that he has the potential to lead and can manage to achieve his goals to succeed.”

Ezekiel has always loved cars and as a boy he dreamed of going to college in order to own his own automobile business one day. However, with his younger sisters still in high school, his father’s wages as a school bus driver didn’t allow for Ezekiel to also pursue further education. Now as a part of the Developing Global Leaders program, Ezekiel has the opportunity to go to university and is working toward earning a degree in automotive engineering.

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