City: Nazareth

Country: Israel

University: Technion University of Haifa

Field of Study: Engineering and Computer Science

Major: Chemistry and Engineering


One of four children growing up in Nazareth, Israel, Dima admires her siblings and sings her parents’ praises, saying, “I grew up trying to imitate them because I love them so much. We are very close. I had a good childhood and I felt very loved. I have great memories of those days.” In return, her family has had an obvious effect on the praises others sing of Dima. Her recommender states, “I can't say enough good things about Dima. She is one of my favorite people I've met, maybe in my entire life. She is a sweet, kind-hearted person who is smart, ambitious, hard-working, self-disciplined, emotionally stable… I could go on. She is ambitious and self-motivated and strives to do her best at everything she does. She has a lot of energy and people are drawn to her. She is kind and caring of others and tries to find ways to meet needs and be helpful.”

Dima got involved in Young Life when she was in 9th grade and then became a leader after she graduated high school. Being able to continue leading Young Life is very important to Dima. She says, “I want the Young Life girls I reach out to to feel comfortable with me. Whenever they want to share, whatever they want to share, I want them to know they can trust me. Young Life had such a big impact on me in high school… I want to see the same thing happen with new kids!” She sees herself being a Young Life leader the rest of her life.

Although both Dima and her parents have worked hard to provide funds for college, it wasn’t possible for her to both continue to serving as a Young Life leader and be able to work to pay for her college tuition. Now as a Developing Global Leader, Dima is able to do both. She continues to lead Young Life while also studying chemistry and engineering at Technion University of Haifa, with hopes to work in the development of new medicines someday. “It is my life’s work, it is something I will continue doing my whole life, and I believe I will love being in this field where I can help people.” Those around her have no doubt she will do well with whatever she does. Her recommender says, “She's that kind of a person that if she decides to do something, even though it is hard, she won't give up. She will try till the end, trying all different conditions to have it and do it.” Dima is also fluent in Arabic, Hebrew, and English.

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