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City: Paranaque City

Country: Philippines

University: Christ The King College in Parañaque City

Field of Study: Business and Economics

Major: Hotel & Restaurant Management


O'harra, or Wara, as he prefers to be called lives in Paranaque City, part of the great metropolitan of Manila. With a regional population of almost 12 million, it is the center of the Philippines in many ways. Wara says his house is located in an area of great poverty and although it is crowded and noisy with many family members living in a small space, it is a fun home and that they are usually happy.

After his father passed away, Wara started working to support his mother as his other siblings were already married and taking care of their families. He dream is to open a bicycle shop and take care of his family with it. As a Developing Global Leader, Wara is attending the Technological Institute of the Philippines to earn a degree in automotive technology. He also has other hopes for his time in DGL, "I want to overcome all my fears. This privilege of the DGL program was one of my fears. Do I really deserve this? I might fail my area director, that was my fear. But as a DGL student, I want to overcome all of these fears by improving myself and taking advantage of all the opportunities that the DGL program provides. I want to surprise myself and make my area director, who believes in me, proud."

"Recently, I’ve read an article saying that my country was one of those countries that has happy citizens. Yes, no doubt about it. But my dream for my country is not just to be happy but to have a good leaders. Leaders that will feel for its people and a follower of Jesus. Yes, I live in a Christian country but I also live in a selfish environment where the level of gap between rich and the poor is very big. I dream about a Philippines with true Christians are living."

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