Field of Study:Social Science


Ministry Involvement: High School, YoungLives (teen moms)


Living in the Kongo slum of Nairobi, Jamila is on her own. Her mother had to move away from the city to care for Jamila’s ailing grandmother and struggled to support the family from afar through subsistence farming in a rural village. Although Jamila spent her days with children teaching preschool, she herself had been forced to grow up quickly and not only provides for her own needs, but also help support her mother and two brothers when she could.

In spite of, and possibly because of her circumstances, Jamila’s giftedness and leadership is evident to those around her. “Jamila is passionate at what she does and makes sure she gives her best. She is a great and a positive thinker and comes up with great ideas. She believes in living right and is a good role model. She is channeled to be a great leader in the community if given an opportunity,” said her DGL recommender Ruth. Julia, her local Young Life area director, added, “Jamila is a servant leader with great leadership potential. She is a person who is already serving her community in different areas: besides Young Life, she is a volunteer in a government project serving orphans, the vulnerable, the elderly, and the disabled. She relates well with people and is well respected. You can depend on her and she influences others positively.”

As a DGL student,Jamila attended Kenyatta University and earned her degree in Environmental Studies in Community Develoment in 2018. She has a keen interest in community development and is already making a large impact as an elected representative for her ward as a volunteer leader in government aid programs. She says, “My greatest dream is to help develop our community, work towards youth empowerment and advocate for the rights of children and youth. Being able to get a college education
has made me spearhead this in my community and in Young Life .

After graduation, Jamila worked with different humanitarian organizations and government institutions until 2020 when she joined the Young Life DGL team as an Administrator for Africa East, North Africa and the Middle East. " Being on staff with the DGL team is my dream come true! What better way can one represent Jesus other than having a job that gives you the opportunity to serve your community, develop leaders, mentor other DGL's and still get the opportunity to share about Jesus and share his love each day with kids! I am blessed to be able to do that now that I am on staff with Young Life DGL. I am able to serve as I was served. I am able to give back! " Jamila

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