City:Buenos Aires

Country:Dominican Republic

Field of Study:Business and Economics

Major:Business Administration

Ministry Involvement: Other (DGL Administrator for LAC Division)


I grew up in a Catholic family. My parents separated when I was very young, so it was just my mother, my two brothers and me. My mother always took us to church, told us Bible stories, taught us what was good and bad, so from a very young age I knew what sin was, therefore, I had a fear of God even though I had not made a decision to know Christ.

I was invited to a YL summer camp in 2004. It was there that I met Jesus and understood that not only I needed to know about him, neigther to know what was right and wrong to do, but I needed to decide to know him personally in order to obtain his salvation. After that I was a YL volunteer for 5 years in my neighborhood. In 2008 I started studying Business Administration and a year later I started to be part of the DGL program and at the same time I was the area director of YL in my city. This I did in the 4 years I was in the program.

After my time in the program I married Michelle Hernandez, who was also a DGL. I started my career working in a bank, where I spent 3 years. Then I worked for 5 years at YL Camp Pico Escondido as the coordinator of the Guest Services department. I currently have two beautiful children, Jose Miguel and Isabella, and since 2021 I am the DGL Administrator for the LAC division, which I love very much, as it is a blessing to be able to help so many young people in Latin America in the same way the program did it for me while I was in.

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