City: Ludwigsburg

Country: Germany

University: Ludwigsburg Protestant University of Applied Science

Field of Study: Theology and Christian Ministry

Major: Theology and Social Work


My name is Jan Thomas, I go by JT and I live in Ludwigsburg, Germany. My father is a teacher at a secondary school and my mother is trained as a doctor’s assistant and works at a residential home for the elderly. I grew up in a Christian family with three older brothers, I’m the youngest. My third brother is handicapped with Down’s Syndrome which has provided a special path for my entire family and has helped develop great empathy within me. My childhood went quite happy and normal until secondary school, when I was excluded from the class’ community. I struggled with my own identity, self-confidence, and loneliness. After that time, I realized that God had placed important people in my life through youth club at church, sports, and people from other classes. During my gap year after high school, I was involved in a discipleship program with my church which gave me a deeper look into youth ministry and exposed me to the ministry of Young Life. As I poured myself out to others, I was forced to re-evaluate my own faith; in my weaknesses, God proved faithful and I was transformed by the realization of His strength in me.

Now a Developing Global Leader, I am attending Ludwigsburg Protestant University of Applied Science and pursuing a degree in theology and social work. I believe it is my calling to work with young people and build relationships with them in Jesus’ name. I want to be a father figure and a safe space for them, wanting everyone to have a place where their weaknesses can be shown. I am especially excited to be more extensively trained in ministry and leadership skills through the DGL program. I dream of a community where no one has to fear rejection for weakness and deficits. I want to help young people recognize how to live fully in the kingdom of God where God’s power is made perfect in their weakness.

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