City: Córdoba

Country: Spain

University: Unlisted

Field of Study: Education

Major: Education


Marina grew up in Cordoba, Spain, with her parents in a Christian community of like-minded families centered around a ministry for people with addictions. This greatly influenced her childhood. She often felt isolated from her peers and was held to a strict set of rules and expectations. And yet, Marina sees the influence of unique experiences and opportunities that led to early maturity in her faith. Introduced to Young Life by a friend from church, Marina attended a training that challenged her faith and prompted a new passion for the youth in her city. Now, as a Young Life leader, she has walked alongside countless teens as they face challenges and pressures, hoping to be a voice of hope and encouragement. Never has Marina been more aware of her “position in the potter’s hands”, molding her character and transforming her understanding of God and the world around her.

Marina’s childhood dream was to be equipped to meet the physical needs of those around her as a nurse, however, her heart has shifted to a passion to help others develop emotionally and spiritually. As a Developing Global Leader, Marina is pursuing an education degree and hopes to one day be on Young Life staff in order to be a light in her community. Marina is the first person in her family to graduate from university.

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