City: Sandnes

Country: Norway

University: Høgskolen I Østfold

Field of Study: Education

Major: Education


Naomi is a compassionate and hard-working young woman from Sandnes, Norway. The oldest of four children, she grew up in a Christian home with a strong foundation of love and support. Her faith has propelled her into many unique experiences that have opened her eyes to the world and filled her heart with a desire for others to know Jesus. She has been significantly shaped through attending a Christian boarding school as a teen and a year of Bible college, followed by a year as a missionary in East Africa. Now, as a Developing Global Leader, Naomi is studying primary education at Høgskolen I Østfold and wants to be a teacher for the youngest school-aged children. “I know that it is very important for young children to have adults that “have their backs” and support them, and unfortunately, a lot of children are not getting this at home. They need comfort, love, trust, and to feel secure, important and capable. This is the main reason I want to be a teacher.” As a DGL student, Naomi is growing in leadership skills, maturing in ministry, and is a bright light and a friend to teens in her community.

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