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City: Corrientes

Country: Argentina

University: Prof. Carmelo H. De Biasi Higher Institute of Music

Field of Study: Education

Major: Music Education


Angel is a creative and persevering young man from Corrientes, Argentina. He lives in a small two room apartment with his mother and younger brothers. His predominant memories of his childhood are of brotherly fights followed by raucous laughter and the difficult interactions between his parents often resulting in violence. Angel’s parents divorced when he was seventeen years old. During the winter of his parent’s divorce, in the height of family conflict, Angel had the opportunity to go to Young Life camp. During the fifteen minutes alone with God, Angel felt conflicted, not wanting to talk to God but experiencing peace as he did. However, upon returning home, Angel jumped back into life and felt overwhelmed by the conflict in his home and the chaos around him. Eventually, coming to the end of himself and recognizing that he could no longer be self-sufficient, Angel cried out to God. He found confidence and rest in knowing that God was with him and would never leave him. Angel began to grow in his faith and has seen God transform and heal him from the inside out. Angel is compelled to enter into the lives of teenagers that experience trauma, abuse, and addiction and wants to reflect the love of God into their lives.

Now a Developing Global Leader, Angel is attending the Prof. Carmelo H. De Biasi Higher Institute of Music and wants to get his degree in education specializing in music. He wants to invest in communities in his city that are lacking teachers and adults who will make a positive investment in youth. He hopes to share his knowledge and love for music with others, as well as be an unconditional support to youth, modeling respect, honesty, and integrity. While in the DGL program, Angel wants to focus on his studies, grow in his faith and invest in discipleship of the boys in his life. Angel will be the first person in his family to graduate from the university.

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