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City: Rosario

Country: Argentina

University: Dr. Nicolás Avellaneda Higher Institute of Teacher Training

Field of Study: Education

Major: Primary Education


Nadia is a dedicated and engaged young leader from Rosario, Argentina. She is the middle of three children, raised in a Christian home in a rural village where her parents are local pastors and farmers. Shaped by her parents commitment to one another and to sharing the love of God with their life and ministry, Nadia’s childhood was a time of great joy. Always surrounded by discussion about the Lord, it wasn’t until Nadia was twenty-one years old that she had a genuine encounter with Him. She experienced conviction over poor decisions and the consequences and, in a moment, felt the grace and healing of God. “I felt like He healed all my wounds and renewed everything inside me. I felt that He loved me regardless of my mistakes and that He hugged me with his forgiveness. From that day, I began to have a deep intimate relationship with God where I could feel his presence and love like never before.” Along with her husband, Nadia is compelled to be that voice of God’s love and grace to teenagers in her community.

Now, as a Developing Global Leader, Nadia is pursuing a degree in early childhood education at the Dr. Nicolás Avellaneda Higher Institute of Teacher Training and wants to open a childcare center for babies and young children. Believing that the young are increasingly vulnerable in today’s society, Nadia wants to focus on them and have the opportunity to sow into them values and good attitudes that make them into good companions, children, and citizens. She also wants to be able to provide an environment that supports children with learning disabilities. As a part of the DGL program, Nadia’s goal is to “achieve meaningful links with many teenagers and be able to advise them and help them move through the challenging stage of adolescence.” She is committed to see that the ministry continues to expand in Argentina and that more and more people can know about Jesus through Young Life.

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