Field of Study:Education

Major:Initial Education

Ministry Involvement: Capernaum (special needs), High School, Other (Entrenadora nacional y regional)


Nadia is a dedicated and committed young woman from Rosario, Argentina. She is the middle of three children, raised in a Christian home in a town where her parents are local pastors and farmers. Shaped by her parents' commitment to each other and to sharing God's love with their life and ministry, Nadia's childhood was a time of great joy. Always surrounded by conversations about the Lord, it wasn't until Nadia turned twenty-one that she had a genuine encounter with Him. She experienced conviction about bad decisions and consequences and, in a moment, felt God's grace and healing. "I felt that He healed all my wounds and renewed everything inside me. I felt that He loved me in spite of my mistakes and embraced me with His forgiveness. From that day on I began to have a deep intimate relationship with God where I could feel His presence and love like never before."

Nadia is currently married to her husband Jonatan, who also works at Young Life, so together they are dedicated, in their roles, to making it possible for every young person to be reached.

Nadia graduated in December 2022 thanks to the DGL program with a degree in Early Childhood Education. After completing her studies, she joined the DGL team to manage DGL in South America on a part-time basis. She also works as a regional trainer in Patagonia, so that each director or volunteer is trained and has the necessary tools to develop their leadership area.

Nadia's dream in relation to DGL is that more and more leaders can have this wonderful opportunity and experience to access the program to achieve the goal of graduating, as she did. She is also excited about helping and motivating all DGLs in South America to become professionals and impactful leaders in their area of service.

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