City: Makeni

Country: Sierra Leone

University: University of Makeni

Field of Study: Social Science

Major: Community Development


Agnes, a courageous and personable woman, lives alone in the Mabanta Village near Makeni, Sierra Leone. Agnes is grateful to have grown up in a Christian home with her parents and three brothers. She was significantly influenced by being raised in the church, where she came to a personal relationship with Jesus. The death of her mother has been her greatest challenge in life, losing not only her mother, but her dearest friend. Though Agnes feared the loss to be the end of her joy, through prayer, God’s presence, and the support of her friends, she has overcome and experienced joy as a welcome companion to her grief. Young Life has provided a community of Christ-centered friends that have come alongside her in her journey. Agnes has grown into a resilient and motivated servant leader, sharing in the adventure of serving Jesus and loving well.

Now, as a Developing Global Leader, Agnes is attending the University of Makeni and will be the first person in her family to graduate from college. Pursuing a degree in community development studies, Agnes hopes to continue after college on Young Life staff in her community. She wants to be a part of the development and growth of her village and provide opportunities, services, and hope to the less privileged and oppressed.

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