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City: Abidjan

Country: Cote d'Ivoire

University: ISFOP Abidjan University

Field of Study: Business and Economics

Major: Accounting


Marie is a loving young woman from Abidjan, Cote d‘Ivoire, one of the largest cities in Africa. She grew up in a peaceful atmosphere with her parents and siblings – a family who taught her to be kind to others and share. Marie has a condition called albinism, which is a lack of pigmentation in eyes, skin and hair. She has endured much ridicule and discrimination, which has generated a lack of confidence and even fear for her safety. Thankfully, Marie has grown in strength and reliance on God and takes comfort in knowing God is always present with her. Marie grew up in the church, but recognized the sacrificial love of Jesus at Young Life camp when a teacher invited her. It was here that she realized how much God loves her. Since then, Marie has grown tremendously as a Young Life leader; she now pursues girls in her community with the love of Jesus.

Now a Developing Global Leader, Marie is able to further her education and study accounting at ISFOP Abidjan University. She wants to become a bookkeeper and eventually run her own business. In addition to gaining a degree, Marie wants to grow in leadership and ministry skills so she can participate in expanding Young Life in Cote d’Ivoire and sharing the Gospel with every teenager in her country.

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