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City: Makati

Country: Philippines

University: Technological University of the Philippines

Field of Study: Media and Communications

Major: Print Media Technology


Julian lives in the densely populated urban center of the Philippines in the city of Makati. After his parents’ separation, his aunts and grandmother raised him along with his two older sisters, and cousins, all in a small single apartment. Julian’s sister introduced him to Young Life, proving to be instrumental in his growth in recent years. He has witnessed the love of Jesus through his experience at camp as well as through his leaders. Inspired by his leaders, he has a desire to live beyond himself and give his life away to others in order to share the love of God. Recognizing the perfect love of God, his heavenly Father, Julian is learning to lay down his childhood tendency toward self-reliance and learn to completely trust Jesus. This new identity has fueled his purpose and encouraged him to grow in his leadership skills and be a leader and role model to the kids in his community.

Now a Developing Global Leader, Julian is pursuing a degree in print media technology at the Technological University of the Philippines. He hopes to be a graphic designer and one day own a digital media design business. In addition to getting a college degree, Julian hopes to continue to grow in his faith and cultivate leadership and ministry skills through the DGL program. Grateful for all of the ways he has grown, Julian dreams that the aimless youth in his community would see that there is something bigger for them in this life…a life defined by grace, in a relationship with Jesus.

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