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Colleen Jill

City: Quezon City

Country: Philippines

University: Technological Institute of the Philippines

Field of Study: Business and Economics

Major: Accounting

Colleen Jill

Colleen is a warm-hearted and dedicated young woman from a slum area in Quezon City, the most populated city in the Philippines. Living with her parents and six siblings, Colleen grew up in a Christian home where she was taught to pray. According to one reference, “Her family is her strength, motivation, and the inspiration to continue to strive for her goals in spite of many challenges,” including the stroke her mother suffered in recent years. This experience challenged and ultimately strengthened her young faith, teaching her to stay patient and believe in God’s plan. Through her involvement in Young Life, Colleen’s relationship with Jesus has become deeper and more knowledgeable, learning that “Jesus is not only Lord, but her best friend.” As a Young Life leader, Colleen is pursuing girls in her neighborhood with that same love and grace.

Now a Developing Global Leader, Colleen is realizing her dream of going to college and attends the Technological Institute of the Philippines. Wired to solve problems and a natural critical thinker, she is pursuing a degree in accounting and hopes to one day become a certified public accountant. Colleen shares that her “vision for the DGL program is to continue learning academically, to explore what leadership can impart to me, and to continue to show the kids in my community who God is and how God can change their lives.“

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