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City: Nhlangano

Country: Eswatini

University: Southern Africa Nazarene University

Field of Study: Education

Major: Education


Mphilisi is an intelligent and motivated young man from Nhlangano, Eswatini, a country where the average person has only a seventh grade education. After his father left the home, he was raised by his mother in a home filled with extended family including siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins. Mphilisi recalls a very difficult childhood, enduring the struggles of poverty and suffering through abusive relationships. Though he suffered abuse, instability, and fear, Mphilisi now sees that the trials have developed in him perseverance, responsibility, courage, and humility. Mphilisi attended Bible club in primary school and accepted Christ during a meeting. First introduced to Young Life when a camp was held in his region, Mphilisi is now a Young Life team leader in his community. Additionally, he is a youth pastor for his church, where his presence and wisdom have had a huge impact on the students. As he grows in his relationship with God, Mphilisi seeks to imitate Christ in everything he does.

Now a Developing Global Leader, Mphilisi is pursuing a degree in primary education at Southern Africa Nazarene University. Mphilisi’s dream is that all people in his community and country may acquire an education, pursue employment, and invest in greater provision for their family. His goals in the DGL program are to excel in his studies, grow in faith in Jesus Christ, and pour himself into ministry.

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