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City: Tirana

Country: Albania

University: Agricultural University of Tirana

Field of Study: Business and Economics

Major: Business-Informatics


Gledis is a determined and outgoing young woman from Tirana, the capital and most developed city in Albania. Gledis grew up in a tight knit family, living in close proximity to almost all of her extended family, rarely going a day without spending time with an aunt or cousin or grandparent. The youngest of all the cousins, Gledis has been poured into by so many loving and influential family members. She cherishes those relationships and how they have shaped her. Gledis was blessed to attend a church that had a strong vision for the youth in her community, which created a welcoming and encouraging environment that truly invested in their development. Spurring from this experience, when Gledis met the Young Life staff person in her area, she was immediately sold on the vision for reaching youth in her community. After attending leader training and an unforgettable encounter at camp, Gledis jumped in with both feet and has been leading ever since.

Now a Developing Global Leader, Gledis hopes to marry her two passions by growing in leadership in ministry and being trained formally in business economics and programming. As a student at the Agricultural University of Tirana, she is pursuing a degree in business-informatics. Her hope is to one day begin a family business that will provide stability and relief to her parents and to work with the greatest team she knows – her family.

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