Elisabet (Beth)

City: Tirana

Country: Albania

University: European University of Tirana

Field of Study: Science and Medicine

Major: Nursing

Elisabet (Beth)

Elisabet (Beth) is a creative young woman from Tirana, the capital and largest city of Albania. Beth’s childhood was filled with funny memories with her sister and a loving home. Beth first heard about Jesus when she was ten years old from her uncle’s testimony. A few years later, a friend shared the Gospel with her and she truly understood the love and sacrifice of Jesus. Beth has experienced great change personally, as she once struggled with being closed off and had difficulty being herself and making friends. This led her to doubt her worth and to have a low view of herself. Thankfully, through the Bible’s words about God’s love, prayer, and encouragement from others, she is finally learning to not only love herself but receive the love and friendship of others as well. Beth has found confidence and joy as she has rested in the identity of being the daughter of the King. As a volunteer leader, Beth is investing in girls just like her, wanting nothing more than to build them up and point them to the life-changing love of God.

As a Developing Global Leader, Beth is excited to fulfill her dream of working in the medical field as a nurse. Currently walking down the road with her own father’s battle against cancer, Beth is inspired to offer both physical and spiritual healing to people she serves. Beth is grateful to continue leading Young Life while attending school. “My vision for the DGL program is to learn more about God and how to share the Gospel with friends and family. Most importantly, I want to know how to be the right leader for my girls and lead them towards Jesus.” Beth will be the first person in her family to graduate from college.

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