City: Girona

Country: Spain

University: Universitat de Girona

Field of Study: Science and Medicine

Major: Nursing


Lidia is from a community in Girona, a province located in the northeastern corner of Spain. Raised in a loving home with two older sisters, Lidia’s family has always been involved in ministry. With her childhood marked by God’s love and Young Life, Lidia has grown tremendously through her experiences in church and Young Life camp, both in Spain and abroad in the United States. These life-changing opportunities have cultivated in her a passion to grow in her faith and share it with the people in her life, whether as a Young Life leader, a roller skating coach, or a friend.

Now a Developing Global Leader, Lidia is pursuing a nursing degree at Universitat de Girona and dreams of sharing the love and hope of the Jesus with everyone she cares for, combining her love for people, medicine, and Jesus.

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