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City: Cite Soleil

Country: Haiti

University: Notre Dame University

Field of Study: Education

Major: Education


Gordon, who usually goes by his nickname Pacha, is a volunteer Young Life leader from one of the poorest and most dangerous areas in the Western Hemisphere. He lives in a little four-room house with his father, 3 sisters, and younger brother. His mother passed away in 2014. “Living in Cite Soleil, Haiti”, Pacha explains, “education is life. Kids are used if they are not in school.” After the earthquake that killed hundreds of thousands of people in 2010, Pacha decided that the only way to thank God for helping him survive was to give his life to Him.

Pacha’s area director describes him as “brave, intelligent, friendly, motivated and wise.” He goes on, saying, “Pacha is always willing and happy to serve and has an exceptional ability to be heard and followed.” Now as a Developing Global Leader, Pacha is studying education at Notre Dame University with the hope of becoming a teacher and providing kids in his community access to a better life through education.

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