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City: Paranaque City

Country: Philippines

University: STI Academic Center of Las Pi͠ñas

Field of Study: Engineering and Computer Science

Major: Information Technology


Jolebert, who usually goes by Jolly, lives in Paranaque city, Philippines with his father, mother, and older sister. Growing up, Jolly knew the realities of poverty all too well as he and his family lived in a squatter’s village. However, despite his poor living conditions, Jolly says “my childhood was amazing because my parents taught me to be a good person.”

Jolly became involved in Young Life after he met Jesus at camp. Shortly after, Jolly became a Young Life leader and has been faithfully leading ministry and mentoring teenagers in his community since 2015.

Now as a Developing Global Leader, Jolly is attending STI Academic Center Las Pinas where he is studying information technology. Upon graduation, Jolly dreams of being a programmer for a tech company in the Philippines. He plans to continue leading Young Life, and wants to help young people discover their dreams as well. He will be the first in his family to attend college.

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