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City: Unlisted

Country: Bangladesh

University: Unlisted

Field of Study: Science and Medicine

Major: Pharmacy


Tabitha was born into a brave family in Bangladesh. She grew up the child of a pastor and school teacher. Her father was cut off from the rest of his family after he converted to Christianity and later became a pastor. They continue to pray for the relationship with their relatives to be restored. Her mother is the assistant pastor of their church as well as a school teacher. Tabitha talks about her childhood as “the most wonderful experience to me.”

Tabitha became involved in Young Life when she was invited to summer camp in 2012. After camp, she decided she wanted to be a volunteer leader. She now leads a Campaigners small group, volunteers at club every week, and mentors younger students in her community.

Through the Developing Global Leaders program, Tabitha has been able to enroll in university where she is studying to become an industrial pharmacist. She dreams of seeing her community transformed through medicine, helping to create healthy individuals who are able to contribute to society. Her recommenders describe her as “talented and teachable, one who will make a big impact on her city."

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