City: Stavanger

Country: Norway

University: University of Stavanger

Field of Study: Education

Major: Education (Mathematics)


Marie is an inspiring young woman from Stavanger, Norway. Having grown up in a Christian home, Marie’s childhood was marked by loving and supportive parents who set an example to put God first and then love and serve others. She has been deeply impacted by the example of her parents, and their influence is apparent in Marie by the way she pursues the Lord and the people around her.

Marie went to Young Life camp in high school and there learned about having a personal relationship with Jesus, setting her on a new path of faith and compelling her to want to know God deeper. Marie has been steadfast in her faith, even when faced with ridicule and exclusion from her peers, but receiving support from her leaders and Christian friends. Now as a Young Life leader herself, she offers encouragement and care to teens in her area with the desire to be used by God in their life.

Attending the University of Stavanger, Marie is pursuing an education degree, specializing in math. Her heart to teach is just another way that she wants to invest in the lives of others. “I dream of a generation of young, confident, influential, selfless, and passionate believers rising up and affecting the culture and the generations to come. I want to be part of that by leading by example; to imitate Christ and proclaim the Gospel with my actions, not only with my words.”

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