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City: Cebu City

Country: Philippines

University: University of Cebu

Field of Study: Business and Economics

Major: Hotel and Restaurant Management


Lesliey grew up in Cebu City, the second largest city in the Philippines, with her parents, two brothers, sister, grandparents, and three cousins. When she was just seven years old her mother made the difficult decision to relocate to Kuwait as a domestic helper in order to earn enough income to support their large family back home. However, Lesliey did not understand why her mother left and became angry and bitter, growing up without her mother present. While at Young Life camp her heart was convicted to ask Jesus for forgiveness. She was finally able to let go of her disappointment and ask for forgiveness from her mother for harboring negative feelings towards her. Grateful and with joy in her heart, Lesliey is committed to serving God by sharing the gospel with the youth in her community.

As a Developing Global Leader, Lesliey is studying hotel and restaurant management with the ambition of owning her own restaurant, while continuing to serve God through Young Life. Since tourism plays a vital role in the Philippines’ economy, she hopes to make a significant impact in her community by encouraging tourists to spend their vacation in the Philippines, showing them all that her country has to offer in tradition, culture, festivities, and cuisine.

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