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Population: 21.6 million

Language: Romanian; Hungarian; Romani

Religion: 81.9% Eastern Orthodox; 6.4% Protestant; 4.3% Catholic; 7.4% other


Romania is a small country the size of Oregon located in southeastern Europe on the Black Sea between Bulgaria and Ukraine. Romania was a member of the Warsaw Pact until a violent revolution in 1989 toppled the communist government. It then joined NATO in 2004. Enrollment in university education has increased drastically since the 1989 revolution – from 8.5% of the population in 1989 to over 50% now. As of 2014, 13% of the population had attained a bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

Romanians mostly identify as Christian: Eastern Orthodoxy, Protestantism, Roman Catholicism and Greek Catholic. However, according to a study published in 2008, 54% of the population attends church “only on holidays, rarely, or never.”

Young Life was first established in Romania in 1999.

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