Population: 5.3 million

Language: Bokmal Norwegian; Nynorsk Norwegian; Sami; Finnish

Religion: 71.5% Church of Norway; 2.8% Roman Catholic; 3.9% other Christian; 2.8% Muslim


Norway is the westernmost country of Scandinavia in northern Europe. It is slightly larger than the U.S. state of New Mexico (though their shapes are completely different), and it shares a border with Sweden, Finland, and Russia. Education in Norway follows the Bologna Process, involving Bachelor (3 years), Master (2 years) and PhD (3 years) degrees. Public education in Norway is virtually free, regardless of nationality.

Religiously, Norway is around 78% Christian, with the majority (71.5%) being members of the Church of Norway. However, in a recent survey, only 37% of Norwegians said they believe in God, while 39% said they do not and 23% were unsure. Young Life established itself in Norway in 1997.

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