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Population: 200 million

Language: Arabic

Religion: Primarily Muslim

North Africa

Consisting of the countries of Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Sudan and Tunisia, North Africa forms a distinct part of the continent. Separated by the Sahara Desert geographically and with its cultural ties to southwestern Asia and Europe, it is much more a part of the Arabian world than the Sub-Saharan countries that characterize the majority of Africa.

Almost three and a half million square miles cover the Maghreb region, which consists of the Atlas Mountains and the coastal plains as well as the Nile Valley comprised of the areas surrounding the Nile River and its tributaries. Some small islands off the coasts are also sometimes included in the North Africa region including a few that are connected with Spain and Portugal.

The population of over 200 million has a heavy Islamic influence and the vast majority practice some denomination of the Muslim faith. There are also notable populations of Christians and Jews. In all of the countries Arabic is the official language with many regional dialects also being present. There are several industries impacting the different countries’ economies: oil and natural gas reserves in the deserts of Algeria, Libya and Sudan; phosphates and agriculture in Morocco; tourism in Egypt and Tunisia.

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