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Population: 28.9 million

Population Below Poverty: 24.7%

Literacy Rate: 48.6%

Language: 47.8% Nepali, 12.1% Maithali, 7.4% Bhojpuri. Many indigenous languages.

Religion: 80.6% Hindu, 10.7% Buddhist, 4.2% Muslim, 3.6% Kirant, 0.9% other


Although it seems a relatively small area of land (about the size of Wisconsin), Nepal is a diverse and unique country. The northern part is covered with the Himalayas, while the southern tip is a subtropical climate subject to monsoons. The people are just as unique. It is estimated that between 20-100 languages are spoken in the country. Many people still wear traditional dress, for women a Sari (a long, colorful wraparound dress) and men a Daura Suruwal (a long tunic). The caste system predominately determines social status. Education is limited for those in lower castes. Most girls do not continue their education past age 12.

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