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Population: 1.2 billion

Population Below Poverty: 25%

Literacy Rate: 73% (male); 48% (female)

Language: English and Hindi (official languages) 14 other various languages spoken

Religion: Hindu 81%, Muslim 13%, Christian 2%, Other 4%


We have India to thank for inventing one of the most well-known, classic board games of all time -- chess. Slightly more than one-third the size of the U.S., India is located in southern Asia and has the second largest population in the world, behind China. The family is the primary social unit, taking precedence over individuals.

Historically, religion is an integral part of India’s culture. Education is also extremely valued in India; therefore it is free and required for children ages 6 to14. However, only 40 percent of all school-aged children attend secondary school, and less than 12 percent of high-school graduates attend university. Although times are changing, men are still much more likely to be educated than women.

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