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Population: 16.6 million

Population Below Poverty: 18.2%

Literacy Rate: 95.7%

Language: Spanish

Religion: 70% Roman Catholic


In comparison, by square kilometers, Chile is slightly larger than Texas. More than 95 percent of the population comes from a European heritage. Family is a significant part of this culture; Chileans usually live on the same lot with extended family and as children grow up they add on to the property. Education is highly valued in Chile, with more than 80 percent graduating from secondary school. Roman Catholicism is the predominant religion.

Young Life in Chile was established in 2007 and has had a growing presence in Rancagua (located in central Chile). There is one Chilean on staff with the opportunity to add another in the near future, in addition to starting another club. Approximately 30 kids attend Young Life club in this country.

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