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Population: 360,000

Language: English; Spanish; Creole; Maya

Religion: 40.1% Roman Catholic; 31.5% Protestant; 12.9% other; 15.5% none


Belize is a small country (about the size of Massachusetts located) in Central America. It is bordered on the north by Mexico, the west by Guatemala, and the east by the Caribbean Sea. Belize, a former British colony, has the distinction of being the only country in Central America whose official language is English – though over 50% of the population also speaks Spanish. High unemployment, a growing trade deficit and heavy foreign debt are concerns for the Belizean economy.

Education in Belize is free and compulsory through the age of 14. The literacy rate in Belize for adults (ages 15+) is approximately 83%, while for youth (ages 15-24) it is around 88%.

Belize is 72% Christian, with approximately 40% professing a Roman Catholic faith and 32% Protestant. Religious institutions run many primary schools in Belize.

Young Life was first established in Belize in 2016.

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