Developing Global Leaders Mentoring, Training and Transforming

Your commitment will greatly impact the life of the student as well as the community in which they live. Want to get involved? It's simple. Come meet our students ...

Select a student.
You can choose a student by country, area of study, gender, etc. When you visit a student's page you can learn their story and dreams.

Make a commitment.
For as little as $25/month, make a commitment to walk with this student through their education.

  • Sponsor as an individual.
  • Sponsor as a group. Join your family, bring together your friends, or a Young Life area and sponsor a student as a group.

Follow their progress.
You will receive a sponsor packet with a picture of your student, as well as biannual updates from your student.

Make a one-time gift to sponsor students in the country of your choice. These funds will be used to maximize the effectiveness of the Developing Global Leaders Program across a whole nation.

Questions? Visit the FAQ page or contact the Developing Global Leaders office.