Developing Global Leaders Mentoring, Training and Transforming


Why do students need this program?

It will equip young leaders in three ways: A university education; leadership and ministry training; and a mentor and life-skills coach. A university education is a coveted opportunity for students in developing countries. It is either impossible to pay, or students are forced to work one or more jobs in order to save for one class at a time. Ministry development and life-skills mentorship are essential to completing this comprehensive program.

How are these students chosen?

Young Life leadership in each country identifies their best student leaders who are ready for a university education. They are individuals who have shown potential in leadership, education and a dedication to serve Jesus. Each student has been recommended by their regional director and completes a full application with additional references. Then, they are selected by the Developing Global Leaders team.

What are the expectations of students in the Developing Global Leaders Program?

The students have agreed to:
Be enrolled full time in a university or college program and maintain above-average grades (a B average or its equivalent)
Be an excellent leader with local Young Life
Be involved in a local church
Meet regularly with an assigned mentor
Communicate with program sponsors as required by Young Life regional directors Attend all training sessions associated with the Developing Global Leaders Program

What type of training do the students receive as a part of this program?

Training is country specific, but focuses on four main areas: Character Development, Personal Development, Spiritual Growth and Leadership, and Ministry Leadership. There are 24 specific areas of growth that are evaluated biannually.

What happens after I give?

You will receive an e-mail from Developing Global Leaders confirming your sponsorship. Soon after, you will receive a sponsorship packet in the mail, with more information about the program and your student.

Why is the amount set at $275 per month for all students?

Tuition, books and living expenses differ in each country. In the countries with DGL, the average cost for tuition, books and living expenses is a little less than $275 a month. Leadership development training for the students uses 7 percent of the funds. Another 7 percent is allocated for administrative costs of the program and 5 percent goes to program development. We want as much of your sponsorship to go to the students as possible, so we who administer this program raise personal support to keep the administrative costs as low as possible.

What happens if a student isn’t fully funded?

Once we have accepted a student in the program (and they are on the website), we have committed to funding them through the program. If students are not fully sponsored on the website, one-time country gifts will be used to finish the student’s sponsorship. The website is a tool to connect sponsors with students and expand the program for future years.

How long am I committed to give to this student?

For most students, we’re anticipating a four-year commitment. However, some of our students have a few incoming classes that will count toward their education and others are in a program longer than four years. Either way, the program coordinators are committed to keeping you updated on the status of your ongoing sponsorship and its future.

Can I pay by check?

Yes. If you would like to sponsor a student and/or country and pay by check, please contact us at: or (316) 681-0756.

What happens if I can no longer give to my student?

You can cancel your monthly gift anytime at or (316) 681-0756.

How do I edit my group's information?

Please contact us at We will be happy to make any changes.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes. Young Life is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law.

What communication should I expect from my student?

Once you fund a student, you will be able to receive updates through the Developing Global Leaders website. Our students are expected to provide biannual updates. Once an update is posted you will receive an e-mail linking you to your giving profile where you can view the update.

Can I contact students outside of the Developing Global Leaders website?

We know these students are incredible and it may seem natural to contact them through other networking websites, such as Facebook. However, we want to protect the integrity of the program and long-term impact on the country and its current Young Life national leaders. The students have signed an agreement to only use the DGL website as a means of communication with sponsors and we ask that you respect this as well. Thank you!

Is this a Christian organization?

Yes. The Developing Global Leaders Program has been developed by Young Life. Young Life is a relational ministry with the mission of “introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith.” To learn more about Young Life, please visit their website at

How are mentors chosen for the students and what is expected of them?

Young Life leadership in each country select mentors for each student based on experience with Young Life and their location. Mentors are expected to walk with students in their education and Young Life training. They work with global leaders to develop specific training goals for each student and provide accountability for ministry with Young Life locally.

What is the affiliation between Developing Global Leaders and Young Life?

The Developing Global Leaders Program is managed by Young Life. The program is simply a response to a need. There are minimal resources for young leaders to continue their education and the development of Christian leadership. We believe by supporting both, students will truly be equipped to make a difference in their countries.

How can I learn more about Young Life in the country where my student lives?

Within your student's profile, there is a link that directs you to a page with a brief overview of the country.