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City: Venissieux

Country: France

University: Université Lumière Lyon 2

Field of Study: Social Science

Major: Psychology

Days Waiting to be Fully Sponsored: 620


Cyliane is living in Venissieux, France, and she is studying psychology at Université Lumière Lyon 2. Cyliane has been a Young Life volunteer leader for four years – helping with clubs, leading games, and programs. When Cyliane was a baby, she had heart-surgery which resulted in one of her two vocal cords being paralyzed. She has always been self-conscious of her “tiny voice” and experienced a lot of shame in regards to this as a child. Getting up in front of people at club has been a huge achievement for Cyliane. Cyliane is interested in psychology and psychomotricity for children so that she can help them grow up and navigate society. She believes that the changing society and family structures are making it increasingly difficult for children to adapt and find their place in the world. Cyliane believes that her psychology degree will allow her to help children to grow into healthy people, even if they had a hard start in life.

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