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City: Abidjan

Country: Cote d'Ivoire

University: University Lorougnon Guede of Daloa

Field of Study: Social Science

Major: Sociology

Days Waiting to be Fully Sponsored: 260


Aude lives in Abidjan, the capital city of Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), a country in West Africa. Raised by her parents, Aude and her three siblings were supported and shaped within a peaceful home. This tight bond with her family has filled her with a courageous and hard-working spirit that seeks to serve others.

Aude’s faith in God is rooted deep within her family, and yet, was not something she felt bold enough to share with others. After being invited to Young Life, something changed. Aude says “the Young Life family is a powerful one through which one can see the love of God and the kindness and joy on the faces of leaders and kids attending the clubs and camp.” She says her faith is different as a result of her involvement with Young Life and “she is happy to give of herself as a Young Life leader to save lost kids from darkness.”

Aude’s boldness and passion for people is her motivation for her dream of working within the education system to better the environment and experiences of all kids. As a Developing Global Leader, she is pursuing a degree in sociology at the University Lorougnon Guede of Daloa. She hopes to continue to share about the love of Jesus with younger students, believing that faith can change her society one person at a time.

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