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City: Basel

Country: Switzerland

University: Schulhotel Regina

Field of Study: Business and Economics

Major: Hospitality

Days Waiting to be Fully Sponsored: 501


Paola is aware of the privilege she had growing up with exposure to cultural diversity from an early age since her father is Swiss and her mother is Dominican. At the age of 18 she decided to move from the north shores of the Dominican Republic to Basel, Switzerland to learn her father’s language and to get to know his side of the family better. Now, three years later, she says, “Gathering with my Swiss family whom I am now very close to and speaking their language is the fulfillment of a dream come true for me.”

Paola is tri-lingual, speaking Spanish, English, and German. She has been a volunteer leader for Young Life for the past two years, and previously volunteered her time teaching German to refugees in Basel. She says, “Serving others is my calling and something I truly enjoy.” That is why as a Developing Global Leader she is studying hospitality at Schulhotel Regina. Paola has experienced the drastic contrast between both of her countries and wishes to apply the fair, safe work conditions she has come to appreciate of the Swiss back in the Dominican Republic after graduation.

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